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April 11 2013

Outdoor plant stand

The column outdoor plant stand after our patio looked a bit forlorn once the flowers had faded so we removed them and their pot. After looking at it stay and wondering what is place on top during the winter I started to change my thinking. You will want to bring the stand indoors and revel in it in the house during the cold season? The effect after completion was absolutely stunning and led to many compliments and raves.

Outdoor plant stand

Listed here is a suggestion how you can create such a focal point at home. For those who have a big column or square plant stand, in a choice of a garden or consider getting one, first look at the liveable space and envision in which a free standing column might add interest. That might be near a window, in a open area between two different use areas such lounge to living area, or between family and family room. I choose a location after a dividing wall that separated your home from your lounge but was wide open for the dining room both from kitchen and lounge.

Before you start hauling the will your selected location, try it first by placing tall chair, or better yet, stacked chairs, as well spot. If you can't quite envision what it will look like, possibly cover the chairs having a white sheet or table clothes. View it from the 3 directions to visit your best choice. Prepare the column for the trip indoors. If it's dirty, either wash it or brush it and make sure that you simply look underneath and clean off any bugs that might winter there. You could even wish to paint it first. The sort of paint is dependent upon how it's manufactured from. If applicable, high shine paint in a complimentary color either blending with all the wall paint or contrasting but blending with your color scheme can be extremely attractive. Before you use color, cover your "sample chairs" using a fabric of this color to see how it looks.

When ready to position the column, if on carpet, it's always best to place either a piece of wood, heavy plastic or glass under the stand to protect the rug as you could remove the column at a later date. Once set up, be sure that the column stands firmly by wiggling and pushing it a bit. When not solid, you may have to wedge a wood chip or some other components of the gap that means it is be wiggly. Often just turning the stand a bit resolves the issue.

Once you are satisfied with the location you can place floral or other decorations about it. The possibilities are endless. Consider decorating with all the Holidays. Thanksgiving might lend to a big bowl or cornucopia full of fruits, vegetables and flowers. For Christmas poinsettias, angels, Santa Clause, large glass balls, or a Christmas tree and wide ribbons of precious metal draped around the column look stunning. For Hanukkah a Menorah and silver and blue ribbons. Start the New Year having a bowl of flowers by incorporating trailing vines such as ivy or asparagus fern extending below the the surface of the column. Surprise your Valentine having an interesting heart decoration put on top or perhaps the red roses he sent you.

There just is not any limit to what you can do, making a change each and every time the atmosphere strikes you. Come spring, you may do once we did, rather than moving the column plant stand outdoors again, we obtained a brand new one much like it and extended the look to the outdoors.

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